Renault Clio New Model 2020 Release Date, Price

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Release Date, Price – The Renault Clio it’s been around for 30 years. That time it’s become the best-selling French car ever. It’s also won two European Car of the Year awards and this is also the best-selling supermini in Europe.

It may well be a top seller in France but in Britain, the Renault Clio New Model 2020 has always had to play second fiddle to the Ford Fiesta. So Renault has launched this the fifth-generation Clio, that while it may look pretty much identical to the old one. It is totally new.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Redesign

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Redesign


There are four flavors of Clio for time being, let’s play which gets the 4.2-inch infotainment screen, LED headlights, 16-inch alloys, and cruise control. The iconic like this car gets that 7.2-inch screen and nav diamond-cut alloys keyless entry.

The rear parking sensors meanwhile the S Edition gets the nine-point three-inch screen in digital dials parking sensors. The ring camera while the RS line gets sport you’re styling.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Interior

Now whilst the outside may look very similar to the old car. It’s when you step inside you’ll really notice the difference firstly the design. We think the design looks fantastic really minimalist but also fun to look at.

The second reason why this inti really improves is the quality now, yes there are a few scratchy plastics dotted around the place. Overall the fit and finish in there are fantastic loads of lovely soft-touch materials used throughout the cabin.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Interior Feature

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Interior Feature

We think this interior is better than a VW Polo, so definitely better than an Audi. One who’d have thought a Renault Clio New Model interior is better than the germans.

Infotainment System

Now infotainment now basic play cards get a four-inch screen, we’ve got the mid-level iconic trim there with a seven-inch screen. The infotainment system works quite well actually, We mean it’s not as good as VW polos but it’s definitely on par with a Ford Fiestas.

We think it works really quite nicely. Actually, if that’s too small for you the top of the range car gets a 7-inch portrait screen. It also comes with digital dials as well.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Back Seat

While space in the front is very generous, back there is not quite so good. Now we just over five foot ten and my knees are brushing the back of this seat. The Headroom isn’t fantastic having said all of that.

Though there’s probably a similar amount of space back there. There is in a Ford Fiesta, there’s definitely more space back there. Then in the new Peugeot 208 but if you need a lot of space and you supermini you’re gonna have to go for the SE at Ibiza.

There are a couple of nice little touches back. Though there are no pockets on the backs of the seats again. The seat fabric feels really good in these seats themselves and nicely bolstered. That they comfortable as well. The ISOFIX points they’ve got little covers on them. So you won’t be losing those.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Exterior Changes

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Exterior Changes

Cargo Capacity

While space in the back may be average it is enormous in the boot there’s more space in the Clio’s. The in the Fiesta and Ibiza is even larger than the VW golf. You get the Clio has such a deep floor which is good for overall space. It means, it can be tricky lifting out heavier items because of the large lip.

Renault Clio New Model 2020 Release Date and Price

The 2020 Renault Clio New Model then it starts from just over 40,000 pounds and tops out at a little over 20 grand. The design is a little rounded sharper in some places and looks a bit more classy than the old one. It’s even built on a brand new platform.

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