New Renault Clio 2020 Test Drive, Specs

New Renault Clio 2020 Test Drive, Specs – The Interior Quality and New Feature, Another area that we really like the little touches like the Knowles effects on the stalks and on the climate control and the gear lever. It’s just these touchpoints, that Renault is really focused on.

Then, We thing like is the materials used in there now the fabric the seat fabrics feel great. So does the leather on the steering and on the handbrake lever. Another thing We really like as well is that Renault has finally ditched that.

New Renault Clio 2020 Redesign

New Renault Clio 2020 Redesign

Stupid obsession with putting the cruise control dotted around the cabin there. They’ve just put it on the steering wheel where you really need New Renault Clio 2020 Test Drive, Specs.

The cubby wise well there’s a couple of cupholders there nice, storage tray there with a couple of USB ports. A little place under the armrest fantastically sized door bins and a really good-sized glovebox.

Engine Specs

The new Renault Clio hatchbacks are one-liter three-cylinder petrol with 71 brake horsepower. The 5-speed manual or these cars 1 liter 3-cylinder turbo with 99 brake horsepower. As a 1.3 turbo petrol with 129 brake horsepower and a snappy 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. If you really want to diesel there’s an 84 bhp 1.5.

The engine now with 99 brake horsepower, it’s on par with its rivals but it doesn’t have quite as much torque as the Fiesta or the setter beefer. It means that this car just feels a bit too sluggish now naught to 60 takes 11.2 seconds that’s a second slower than the Ford Fiesta. It’s 1.2 seconds slower than a se ib fir.

New Renault Clio 2020 Engine Specs

New Renault Clio 2020 Engine Specs

Surprisingly diesel is the cheapest to run thanks to acclaimed 67 points to MGL emissions of 94 grams per kilometer. It is 3,000 pounds more expensive than a 71 bhp 1 liter which returns around 50. But without a turbo, it’s sluggish meaning that 99 brake horsepower engine. That is the best petrol returning around 54 mpg.

New Renault Clio 2020 Test Driving

The best thing, we not massively keen on is, this gearbox now it is so much better than the old car. It still is a little bit baggy the changing quality, it’s just a little bit imprecise at times, it’s not a deal-breaker. It’s just that other cars the Fiesta and the VW Polo. So it just that little bit better.

Speaking of the Fiesta, the New Renault Clio 2020 doesn’t have quite that front-end bite that you find in the Ford. It’s perfectly grippy, it just doesn’t have that crispness that you find in the Ford Fiesta. Really, We nitpicking because overall the Clio is still a really nice car to drive. Considerably nicer to drive than something like a Citroen c3 or in fact the VW Polo.

New Renault Clio 2020 Changes

New Renault Clio 2020 Changes

The area where the Clio really really does shine is the ride and refinement. Now this car is super quiet on the motorway there’s very little wind noise very little tire noise. This thing actually feels as though it’s from the class above. It’s a very quiet and hushed place to be.

Compared the 2020 New Renault Clio with a Ford Fiesta or a satire beefer and on the whole, it’s cheaper and gets its material is of better quality boots. While it isn’t the quickest supermini around and the Fiesta is slightly sharper to drive.

The Clio is more comfortable and still very decent to drive. The Renault Clio is the new supermini all others have to beat.

New Renault Clio 2020 Test Drive, Specs in Video Review :

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