New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Engine Changes

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Engine Specs, Changes – The Ford Focus it’s a firm favorite in the UK it has the right balance between being relatively cheap to buy fun to drive and being practical but Ford has always made a sporty version of its humdrum cars. The latest fast Ford for the people is this the Focus ST but what we want to know is is this a proper fast Ford and can it beat the Renault Megane RS and the hind eye a 30 n well.

The new 2020 Focus ST looks very similar to the Fiesta ST what were the same grille and the big alloys and the discreet body kit but whilst the vs r s t is very fizzy frantic and frenetic, The focus is a little bit more mature, but that’s not to say it still doesn’t put an enormous smile on your face.


the steering is excellent it’s actually 15% quicker than the steering rack you find in the standard focus and is lightning fast smarter than them again RS offers more feel than the Renault as well the only thing I would say about it though is when you turn into a corner then you let off the lock the steering system is a little bit later.

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Redesign

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Redesign

It’s Quick to, actually South Center it’s just a little bit see it’s a bit aggressive the Hyundai i30 end offers a smoother transition between lock to lock it’s just a bit more of a pleasant system to use, but you can’t take away how sharp the steering is and the level of feedback you get from it.

For the first time in an ST their adaptive dampers are standard and in the average most comfortable setting the ride is firm, but it’s not too uncomfortable there are a range of driving modes and if you opt for the performance pack you also get a track mode the ST isn’t perhaps as configurable as a high-end III 30 n, but that really doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t sound that good I mean it’s a diesel engine after all, isn’t it how? Continue we seeking to make it looks even more growly. It’s growly enough I’m not a big fan I have to say. But it’s a small blot on what is a very impressive hot hatchback. A car that I have to say is a proper fast Ford.

2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Interior

For this type of car, you’re not be buying a fast-forward on. The quality of this infotainment system are you now we’ve got a couple of options. In here we’ve got a wise charging pad for a hundred pounds. A head-up display for 400 and this panoramic roof for 995.

There’s plenty of other standard kit to full LED headlights a parking camera a Bang & Olufsen stereo and adaptive cruise control all thrown in in the back and unsurprisingly there’s the same amount of space as you’ll find in the standard Focus, so there’s plenty of knee and headroom, and the boot is on par with most of its rivals and even betters the i30 ends as that car has a strut brace across the boobs.

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Interior

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Interior


The new Focus ST hatchback very much acts and drives like the Fiesta ST is older more mature brother there’s still the same level of excitement and enjoyment but there’s also a higher level of refinement and is easy to live with day to day especially with the diesel version with prices ranging from twenty-nine and a half to thirty-two thousand pounds it isn’t cheap a Hyundai i30 n is around two thousand pounds cheaper but for some the Ford will be the hot hatch of choice simply because it’s a great fast Falls.

When you actually do plant the throttle mid-corner. The car fights and tucks the car into the apex it does a fantastic job you’d. You have to get on the right bit of road though, because if the way is a bit crowned. That LSD does sort of translate into a bit of torque steer. But on a smooth piece of the trail, It just claws away at the tarmac. It absolutely fires you out of the corner. it is imposing.

New Ford Focus ST hatchback Engine Specs

For the petrol and you get a reach-in version of the old Focus RS is 2.3 liters four-cylinder petrol engine. With a six-speed manual gearbox with flat shifting capability. If you go for the eight hundred pound Performance Pack which you have to you also get rev-matching as well. It’s also going to be a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic coming along a little bit later.

it’s quick to it packed 276 brake horsepower and 420 Newton meters of torque and even gets anti-lag technology as you find on a rally car door to 62 miles now takes just 5.7 seconds and the ST petrol tops out a hundred and fifty-five miles an hour

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Exterior

New 2020 Ford Focus ST hatchback Exterior

Now we’ve got the diesel here before you sign mon. This an actual fact is a perfect engine now it’s 2 liters with 187 brake horsepower. You can’t get this engine anywhere else in the focus range So it’s exclusive to the stand. It’s a good engine. It’s really smooth it’s reliable power delivery. with it seems to pick up from around 1,200 pm. It just really does seamlessly deliver.

The goods there’s hardly any turbo lag with this engine whatsoever get in the right gear, and it absolutely flies now the only thing I would tell regarding this motor is that you can tell it’s been tuned for fuel economy because they’re gearing is a little bit long in it, but I suppose that is what you expect this car because this car is supposed to be a little bit more than everyday vehicle compared to the Focus ST petrol.

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